For basic ethical reasons and to ensure only the best quality meat, the BIGARD Group believes animal welfare is of the utmost importance. 

visual Animal Welfare, our daily commitment

Animal Welfare,
our daily commitment


Animal welfare, an ethical issue

Our best-practices inspections begin in the field, in collaboration with the farmers. Next come inspections of the animals’ transport conditions and duration.

When they arrive at the lairage, special measures have already been taken to optimise their comfort (unlimited water, suitable spaces).

They are also inspected by an animal welfare officer who has been trained to spare the animals avoidable stress and suffering.

For more than 5 years, all the operators (700 people) who come in contact with the animals in our 30 abattoirs are Animal Welfare certified. We also have 120 Animal Welfare Officers, trained and certified by the state. 

Performance indicators of
the Animal Welfare Program

of operators in contact with live animals have official certification of their skills awarded upon the completion of training

operators trained and qualified by the BIGARD École des Métiers since its accreditation

AWOs (Animal Welfare Officers) in the BIGARD Group (a minimum of 2 per site)

veterinarians in the

quality Department


of BIGARD Group abattoirs

audited without prior notice

by an independent third party

Average score obtained

by the BIGARD Group

during audits in 2021