Our flagship brand, BIGARD, uses the Group’s extensive know-how to provide a wide range of authentic products.

Traditional butchery for the modern palate !

Visuel des produits phares de la marque Bigard

Traditional butchery for the modern palate! Backed by know­-how it has perpetuated for more than 50 years, the BIGARD brand is unique, making it the historic meat brand in France.

Supported by a family history of traditional French butchery, these products from animals reared in France are the embodiment of a continual drive for excellence. The quality of these products can also be seen through the range of certifications achieved: Label Rouge, Organic, Outdoor Reared beef mince...

BIGARD now has more than 150 products, from beef mince to carpaccio, sausages and stewed meat, as well as a range of high-quality delicatessen products drawing inspiration from traditional French recipes.

Bigard - visuel joue amb Bigard - visuel d'un carpaccio Bigard - visuel d'un steak haché produit Bigard produit Bigard