A major player in the agro-food sector, Socopa is France’s leading supplier of meat to restaurants.

Meat the way you like it.

Meat the way you like it

Since 1953 SOCOPA has subscribed to three essential values: know-­how, service, and simplicity.

A privileged relationship with farmers, knowledge of the sector, and an ability to innovate are the strength of this brand, one of the leading meat ­product suppliers of restaurants in France.

Beef, pork, veal, and lamb... SOCOPA has expanded its expertise to incorporate all species and offers a broad range of products on numerous markets. 

Socopa - boeuf mix mexicain Socopa - plancha Socopa - Brochitos italienne Socopa - boulettes spaghetti Socopa -  Cap saveur 2 Socopa -  extra tendre Socopa - Boulettes sauce Socopa - hamburger