selection process

For our meats, we select the best herds and the most celebrated breeds. 

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Give you
the best meat

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Rigorous selection process

Present in the major husbandry regions, we maintain relationships based on trust with our partner breeders.

For animals from quality sectors we ensure compliance with a precise set of specifications, including origin, feed, rearing conditions and completion (conformation and fat cover class).

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Our expertise and diverse sourcing allow us to meet all demands in terms of pieces (carcasses, vacuum­-packed cuts or muscles – ready-­to-cut), breeds, categories (heifers, young bovine cattle, etc.), and quality classifications : Bœuf Label Rouge (Premium Label beef), Bio (Organic beef), Fermier (Free­range beef), Bleu Blanc Cœur (Flaxseed­-fed beef) ... 

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From Western France to Hauts-de-France and Poitou-Charentes, our pigs come from the most celebrated production areas in France. We offer a wide variety of meats of certified quality and origins: Porc Label Rouge (Premium Label pork), Bio (Organic pork), Fermier (Free-­range pork), à la Flamme (singed pork), Cochon de Bretagne (Brittany-­bred pork), Petit Lait (Whey­-fed pork), Bleu Blanc Cœur (Flaxseed-­fed pork)... 

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Free-­range veal raised exclusively on its mother’s milk is one of France’s most emblematic high-­end meats.

Carefully selected, veal is a product of major import and bears different labels and quality certifications: Veau d’Aveyron (Aveyron-­bred veal), Veau Fermier (Free­-range veal), Veau de tradition bouchère (Butcher­tradition veal), Label Rouge (Premium Label), Sol... 

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We offer a wide range of superior­-quality­-certified lamb meats in the form of carcasses and cuts: Label Rouge (Premium Label), Noble Agneau (Noble lamb), Agneau de tradition bouchère (Butcher­-tradition lamb), Agneau de lait (Milk-­fed lamb), Agneau de Poitou­-Charentes (Poitou-­Charentes­-bred lamb)...