CHARAL, the most popular French meat brand, has been supplying meat with a reputation for great flavour and high nutritional content for over 30 years. 

Meat should always be this good!

Visual of the flagship products of the brand Charal

The number ­one beef producer in France, CHARAL is served in one of every two households in France.

For more than 30 years, and with the creation of its symbolic Hebdopack® packaging, the brand has constantly innovated to offer the best beef in all its various forms.

From rib steak to cooked meat dishes, from beef mince to burgers, both fresh and frozen, CHARAL fulfils the needs of 96% of its consumers. 

Charal - carpaccio Charal - entrecote Charal - hamburger Charal - steak haché Charal - tartare Charal - aiguillettes de boeuf Charal - Tendre de boeuf croustillant Charal - wrap de boeuf