Invest for the future:
our plants

From the very beginning, the Bigard family has held the belief that its industrial facilities are one of the key factors for success.

visuel a cutting-edge industrial tool

Art and functionnality
are one

visual art and functionality


The architecture and functionality of our sites blend harmoniously and are the very foundation of the Group’s growth and corporate identity.

In 1996 it was the Group’s expertise that made it possible for us to build the Cuiseaux meats complex. Even today, this site continues to be a benchmark for each new project we embark on.

Complex processes, bold structures, landscape integration, environmental performance, sustainability, and cost effectiveness all reflect the Group’s ability to respond to regulatory changes and expand its quest for excellence.

Each year the BIGARD Group invests hundreds of millions of euros in its production units and initiates major construction projects or renovations, as it has in Feignies, Quimperlé, and Évron... 


Faced with market and safety challenges, we share ideas and knowledge to develop new action plans combining tradition and technology.

Among the different projects, the Group’s engineering department works closely with employees to implement bespoke plans that guarantee reliability, expertise, and optimisation in order to transpose the Art of Meat on an industrial scale: increase capacity, automate production and packaging lines...